Who hasn’t had the feeling of not being heard in a meeting? Who hasn’t been “speechless” in response to inappropriate communication during important negotiations? Lost in Translation addresses the causes of this speechlessness, offers targeted strategies for a solution, and gives every participant the opportunity to try out what they’ve learned with a practice partner. This seminar is based on the research of Deborah Tannen and the Arrogance Principle® according to Peter Modler. The seminar is designed for women in leadership positions in companies, educational establishments, and organizations.

„The art of communicating properly with one another is like learning to walk: you fall on your face quite a lot until someone lovingly takes you by the hand.„ (Wilma Eulich)

Topic of the seminar:

  • Behavior in meetings.
  • Perception of women’s performance by male supervisors.
  • Appropriate illustration of one’s own rank as a manager.
  • Professional roles as a protective shield.
  • Speed and special behavior as power factors.
  • Fending off personal attacks in a professional context.
  • Legitimate and illegitimate contact in a professional setting.


A maximum of three people from the same company/organization can participate in each open seminar.
Total number of participants is 10 to 25 people.
For companies interested in this seminar module please contact us directly.


Day seminar „Strong Women – Lost in Translation “ held at:

Lake Constance::


*A person or, optionally at the Lake Constance location, a horse is available as a practice partner. This is particularly important when it comes to non-verbal communication, where interacting with a horse can be extremely helpful. The horse is only used here as needed and upon request.


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